About Us

Jobbo , is a new startup and to introduce us briefly, we are a new Job Portal-cum-Manpower Consultancy services / Placement Sevices company in India.

We are focused in capturing a new niche in the field of placement consulting market with a refreshing new attitude to recruitment and staffing, by way of introducing a highly competitive pricing structure to serve the idea of being the most “Comprehensive” & “Cost-Effective”  Recruitment Model ever in the history of Job Portals as far as the pricing goes.

We also hold “Cost-Effective” servicing to be our core principal goals to our clients. And we also strongly believe that this is also the core strengths of our organisation which can provide services at a much competitive pricing model that makes it easily affordable to bigger small scale business to avail and benefit from it .

Though our Job-Portal was initially designed to cater the start-ups. We believe our website is equally capable to cater the needs of a bigger and a larger organisation alike, by helping them in their efforts of reducing cost & expenditure for their organisation in terms of advertising jobs and vacancies at very competitive pricing structure that no other can match. Which we believe is also our USP (Unique Selling Proposition).



How It Works?


Create An Account

Post a job to tell us about your opening or vacancy or project. We'll quickly match you with the right candidate that you are looking for. Our team works with you to help you fill in your vacancies

Search For Candidates

Browse profiles, reviews, and proposals then interview top candidates. Contact chosen profiles an candidates directly through messaging, contact numbers or email. We will shortly be introducing whatsapp messaging to candidates too.

Fill Your Openings

If you have selected a candidate for a role/opening or a vacancy you can inform them on the same and immediately get them to join you.

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