Privacy Policy

The privacy policy outlined here makes a statement for and is addressed to the users of this website . It applies to both users that are registered and unregistered and applies to all users who uses , navigates and registered with our portal/website.

Our Privacy policy is subject to change periodically and by agreeing to our terms and condition along with the privacy policy that is stated herein, you voluntarily affirm to us that you will review the “terms & conditions” and the “Privacy policy” , time and again and periodically as needed to keep you updated with our changes in policies and practises and in the privacy policy statements. Until the time you terminated your account with us which would means to say, that you have permanently abandoned Jobbo and from using our services.

We at Jobbo, are dutifully committed in safe-guarding the privacy of our users and shall do our to best to ensure that our users privacy is protected. This privacy policy stated herein is to give you an overview of the policies and practices we follow in terms of the user data that is collected by our website on . Jobbo also further states as to how and when your personal data is collected and in what circumstance are the collected and how are they used, shared and safe-guarded by us.

Please note that this privacy policy is strictly subjected to the data gathered on our website ie: , or and is not with respect to any other information outside the boundaries of this web site and not with respect to any other website other than or any information that is outside the capacity of

This is to state that by using our website you voluntarily authorising us to use your personal data / professional information that is not limited to (contact, address, email, photos, professional information etc). as per the policies and practices stated herein through this page. You also affirm us with your voluntary confirmation on following statements stated below.

I have read through the privacy statement of this website thoroughly and I completely understand it usage and policies and their practises as to how my data will be used. And I am complete aware and authorise it” .

How do we collect the information from you :::

Your data get collected while you enter your information into our portal / website / application, the information is henceforth store to server you better in search of your job as a candidate or an employee of an organization for the hunt for skill-ful talents . This information is hence store for the same purposes or the information that you have sent via mail to us or by any other means.There are various forms of Information that are collected when the user chooses to feed into our website/application/portal – http://jobbo.insome of which are as stated below,
  • Contact information such as : email address, phone number, mobile, name
  • Professional information such as resume with your professional details ,
  • The information that are furnished with us during your registration with us
  • Information that may be imported from another external or outside-source(would mean anything outside the capacity of
  • Information pertaining to gender, ethnicity, nationality might be as well needed by some employees as per their requirement , in such need for an information the above mentioned details call also be collected.
  • Information about the company name, the address of your company, the logo of your company in case if you are an employer.
If you choose to sign into our website/portal/application by means of a social media login or single-sign-on . We may extract some information in order to be pulled out for the need of creating a profile for you in our portal. For instance if you choose to share any information or content on our website to your family or friends. We may save this information temporarily to have a one time communication with the person in our attempt to introduce our website to them and if we can expand our customer base through your contact.that are shared to your friends or families from our portal shall also be collected, our team may contact them via mail or by any other source for at least once if not many times to see if we can potential sell our services to them.We are extremely cautious about certain sensitive information and we do not collect any such form of information through our website or application for storing or data collection purposes. We consider certain information very sensitive and they are some such information can be as follows.

We do not collect sensitive and private information :::

We consider certain information very sensitive and personal to every individual and we do not tend to collect such information from anyone. and strictly adhere by this principle , A few such information are as stated below.

Such as your password that you may use to login into our portal / website / application. You password are directly handled by the database and is not accessible by any member or official member of jobbo. Unless and until such request is raised by a legal authority to furnish it, we do not try to fetch them.

We do not collect any financial information, or Bank Account details, Credit Card information or Debit Card information, Bank Account Information. Biometric information such as figure prints, facial patterns or voices. DNA . Any information that can may be considered sensitive by nature are strictly out of our collection list.

If you choose to log in by a social media login button such as facebook, linkedin, google etc. We may import some information that you decide to share with us which we will be using to make a part of your profile. Since Jobbo is an application/ website designed for the idea of sharing information between people over our platform, wherein one is able to contact you for business or official reasons. Jobbo furnishes certain information of our users to the public to see their information through which the basic idea of seeking a job or finding an employee is met. Therefore this would be a basic requirement for us to keep your information public to serve the purpose of our website. In both the cases of find am employee or an employer and at the same time to meet your own purpose for what you chose to be with us, furnishing your information shall be core to this idea and shall be its default behaviour. This information is also made public to user on internet that do not hold an account with us to expand the capabilities of your reach through our advertisement.

However you can control the privacy at any point in time by controlling the privacy of your account. You you may complete hide your profile when you are not in search of job as a candidate. You can also choose to delete the information which you do not want to be visible to others or keep fields blank so that it is not available for one to see it.

What information is generally collected from you :::

Know what information is generally collected while you use our website/ application. The collected information includes .

  • The profiles you viewed, the companies you search for, the companies you follow, contacted
  • The jobs you search for, the jobs you apply to, what profiles you view
  • Information on your computer’s IP Address, you ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Browser used, the device used for connecting to our portal
  • The resumes downloaded, the files viewed that may include the HTML pages , graphic, etc.
  • your operating system, timestamps, and click stream data .
  • We collect information from you passively
  • We may use tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, browser cookies and web beacons for collecting information about your usage of our website.
  • We get information about you from third parties for example, if you use an integrated social media feature on our websites. The third-party social media site will give us certain information about you. This could include your name and email address.

These collected information about you is cross verified with your personal data by is us to ensure that account is not misused by any one else other than you and help us to prevent any fraudulent usage of your account by anyone other than you to a larger extend.

How we use the data collected from you :::

The data collected from you is largely used by us in improving our services. They are used for studying and researching purposes as well as they help us improving our services and can help us further enhance our user experience to the next level in our efforts to meet our future contingencies. These data also helps us understand were we stand in our services to you and also helps us enhance and improve areas that needs improvements in various levels.

While you start using our services and with respect to the agreement that you confirm while creating a personal account or an account for your company you confirm your voluntary affirmation for us to use your data mentioned in privacy & policy page and also affirm to the fact that you will agree to our terms & conditions stated therein in on website.

Below are the services we offer after you affirm to abide with the “terms & conditions” and the “privacy policy” while affirming your voluntary consent by checking the checkbox that is associated with your agreement with both the “terms & conditions” and the “privacy policy”, while you register as a candidate or as an employer in our portal. The offered services includes the following.

  • Enabling you to provide your information both personal and professional and enabling you to apply for job openings of your proffered choice to any employer on our portal and to get in touch with them through messaging, or by contacting them via the preferred contacts provided herein by the recruiter. Only registered member shall be able to view the contact details of both the parties ie : employer’s or candidate’s. Therefore in order to view the contact of your preferred employer or the candidate one must become a registered member. Some information are made available to non-registered users too to expand your visibility to be noticed my employers and candidates outside the membership but not all information is furnished to them to contact you by any mean.
  • We enable you to search for jobs and even share it to your friends and family through many social media platforms such as whatsup , linkedin, facebook etc.
  • We enable you to apply for jobs, contact the employer for the job
  • Your profile and uploaded resume is visible to all employers and they contact you directly by means of contact information you have furnished on your profile.
  • To provide your interest and your interest to job posting to employers
  • We also provide placement services where in we help candidates find their preferred jobs and help employers find their preferred candidate at the same time.
  • We enable a platform for both the candidates and the employers at the same to advertise themselves through our portal and enable each of you to contact one another in their efforts to find a candidate to to fill up there vacancy for a job opening.

Use for Marketing purposes :::

Your contact information is used by us to market advertisement to you and to third parties .
  • You information is used to intimate you of any possible opportunity or opening for a job that you are looking for.
  • You information is used to send you the most relevant information on your job search or employee search by us.
  • You information help us to intimate you of any new offers or services offered by us.
  • You information is used to intimate you of any contests or lucky draws conducted by us to and to keep you informed of the same. And is also used to conduct surveys.
  • We also use your information to send you newsletters, job alerts, career advice or any other marketing communications .

Use and Disclosure of information :::

Jobbo’s basic ideology is to provide you with a platform for advertising your profile and to boost your career opportunities and to maximize your reach to your potential recruiters which helps you find your desired job as a candidate and on the other hand to find a suitable candidate to fill their open position in their organization by the employer or the hirer. These information is not limited to sharing to these third parties listed below. Listed down here are the major third parties to whom we share the user information we gather from you.

  • Shared with employers with data that you have shared on our portal to find you a job or forwarded to the employer who might be interested in your profile.
  • We also share it to companies or employers or recruiters who are partnered with us to avail our Manpower services. Such companies which are looking to fill in their positions with a relevant profile shall be forwarded with your information if your profiles is found suitable for it to help you find the jobs faster.
  • We are also a placement consultancy therefore, to enhance the possibilities for our candidates to find a job or to meet the requirement of the employers who have tied-up with us for placement service shall get to see the data of users who are registered with us. We shall even share your details via other communication mediums such as email, whatsapp, facebook, messaging devices etc.
  • We may even share it with other companies who are tied-up for HR placement / Manpower placement for our candidates equally.
  • Or to other third parties, if there is a legal requirement to serve
  • We would also be including career services and resume service which can be outsourced to third parties, and in such case where you have opted for a resume service or a career service. We may share your user information to these third parties to meet these request from you.
  • When you accept a job offer from an employer or decide to respond to a message from an employer, or while sharing your contact information with employer, let it be known that you are extending you consent to disclose your information and allowing to be contacted by the employer for purposes employment.

Information that is subject to disclosure :::

We may disclose your information if there were any legally requirement to do so, or at our own discretion in response to a request from a legal or the government entity or if we believe in good faith if we consider it necessary in certain unusual circumstances . These information include1. In response to a legal requirement or request from a government entity or a legal body2. To protect our rights or property3. prevention of crime or with response to protecting our national interest.4. Protect user safety and protection of users of our website.

Sensitive Information not permitted for publishing :::

At any point in time when you do not want your profile to be visible to general public or to the registered users you always can hide you provide with the hide option available to you.

By using our website/application you also provide your consent on the fact that you will not be sharing any sensitive informations as below.

1. Information relating to racial or ethnic beliefs.

2. information relating to political beliefs

3. Information relating to philosophical and religious belief

4. Information relating to your association with trade-union or political parties

5. Information relating to mental health or genetic makeup

6. Information relating to sexual life or addictions

7. Information relating to committing criminal offences or penalties associated with it or any kind of proceedings.

8. Information relating to your aadhaar card number, or a national identification number

Keeping your account up-to-date :::

We request our users to keep their information up-to-date, therefore Jobbo provides its users the possibility to update, delete and correct their information any time when they need to do so.

Retention of data and storage duration :::

With the current policies in place and as a startup we do not retain resumes for a life-time and account those that are not active or unused for a unprecedentedly longer duration of time shall be removed considering it to be an inactive account. But this rule is subject to change if as and when we require to do so and we might go ahead and retain it for a life time. If at any point we think is necessarily. But temporarily inactive accounts are not retained but can be in the future. Further more you, if you may at any point not planning to avail our services you are can deleted you account and followed by your deletion all your information on our database shall be deleted .

Termination of Privacy Policy :::

If you may wish to terminate this agreement any time in the future you may write to us @ .

A crucially important message :::

Safe-guarding your user credential is the users duty and we strictly recommend our users to keep their user credential private and confidential at all times.

Grievance Officer

In accordance with Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under, the name and contact details of the


Grievance Officer are provided below:


In accordance with Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under, the name and contact details of the


Grievance Officer are provided below.

Mr. Sreejith Balakrishnan

Divya Unnaithi Layout, Horamavu Agara Main rd

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If you have any questions about this Policy or other privacy concerns, you can also email us at